About Us


Passion: My passion for dogs began as a little child. My father and I bred and raised quality working English Setters. We were always working to improve our line. That philosophy continues with me today.

Quality: Since that time, our breeding philosophy is top quality, not quantity. At Kaimook Kennel, we strive to promote the breed we love and believe in, and to produce pups that are excellent examples of their breed, and that are healthy, good tempered and uniquely beautiful. Our pups are well socialized and adaptable.

Care: Our entire family participates in the raising and caring for our puppies. That means they get lots of love an attention. This produces pups who are stable, well-socialized, happy and confident.

Education: At Kaimook Kennel we share helpful information on all aspects of care, health, nutrition and training. Our dogs have no problems with Thailand weather.

Value: We offer free consultation and advice.

Helpful: We hope you enjoy visiting the site. We have attempted to make it very informative, but I encourage you to feel free to contact me for more information in regard to our puppies, our dogs, or the breed.


Kaimook Kennel