Why English?

The English-Type Golden Retriever

If you are looking for a new best friend you’ve come to the right place. English Cream Golden Retrievers have a loving gentle personality, deep loyalty, and striking beauty. They bring warmth and beauty to our home and like nothing better than to spend time with their people.  Their creamy thick coats, dark eyes, lovely heads, well proportioned stout bodies amount to head-turning beauty. Our dogs do well as family members, companions, retrievers, therapy dogs, obedience work, and in shows where judges appreciate the English-type and color.

 The English-type Golden Retriever is a true Golden Retriever and shares the same genetic heritage as all Golden Retrievers, but have been selectively bred for desired traits. This makes them differ from American-type Golden Retrievers mainly in conformation, coat, and coat color, and in some cases personality. English-type Goldens are typically not as tall as American-types, but are better balanced in the shoulder to forearm ratio.  The dogs we own and breed are primarily from British and European lines, where the breed was first developed.

English Cream Golden retrievers are less common and often more difficult to obtain, breeders being careful to place their pups with loving families, to protect these beauties from life in a cage as a puppy factory in a puppy-mill. Pups are only sold to those looking for a forever-family member, and are sold without breeding rights. These rare beauties with such loyalty and love will be a valued addition to your home.