Tucker and Nell in September

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The Dad…



Tucker, the dad,  is big and strong, sweet and as handsome as can be. He is everyone’s best friend and the perfect farm dog for our farm.

The Mom…


Nell is a lover! Her beauty is stunning, well proportioned, but her affectionate nature just says “love me!” She is attentive on walks and always comes on the run when called. She is happiest lying at your feet while you watch tv. We are repeating this breeding because the pups were absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way. She and her mom, Abby are like twins!

Our dogs descend from the best European bloodlines and are simply gorgeous. They are of limited supply because we are the only breeder in Thailand. We have only one or two litters per year. Our pups have very sweet personalities and make excellent indoor companions. We only let our pups go to loving homes as family pets, companions, or working dogs. It is really important to us to find very loving homes for our pups. We don’t sell to breeders because of the unchecked puppy-mill problem in Thailand. A puppy-mill is basically a factory that produces puppies. The mothers and fathers are only kept for breeding in small cages and have no love or socialization. They have been trying for years to get our dogs. We only let our pups to those looking for a forever canine family member and require the new mom/dad to sign a “no breeding” contract. Thailand Kennel Club does not provide a limited registration (no breeding), so we do not provide registration papers. We do provide copies of the parents pedigrees for those interested in looking at parentage.

We have been breeding dogs for decades, we will provide full information for the care of your new puppy.  All puppies are adorable, so most people don’t think of the future and the personality the pup will have when he/she is an adult. They simply choose the one who comes and chews on their shoelaces! Personality matters! We use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test to determine puppies personality. We can reliably predict what that adorable little guy will be like when he grows up. Do you want him to be high energy or just walk around with you and lie at your feet? We take a list of all the things that are most important to you, like your life style, sex of the pup, size, color, and personality traits that you desire and match the pup with the new parent. We have great success with this method and many many happy new moms and dads.

To get on our waiting list please write and introduce yourself, tell us what life with you will be like for the puppy. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,  Benjamin

email: thaiharvest@yahoo.com